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Weedless Sword

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New Trolling Innovation

Weedless Sword - The Underwater Outrigger That Keeps Your Lines and Baits Free of Floating Seaweed Forever While Trolling Game Fish

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A Fishing Tool That Puts a Stop to Floating Seaweed Tie-Ups

The Weedless Sword is an underwater outrigger, used for trolling and straight line fishing. When performing either method of fishing, the line and bait is continuously protected from, seaweed, leaves, sticks, and other organics - as well as any inorganic debris typically found floating on different bodies of water during the year. We make sure that doesn't come between you and a record-breaking catch!

This new innovation is entering the world of fishing for the first time and we will explore its full list of benefits with time.

Stop fishing lines from catching debris and catch fish with the Weedless Sword, while you're trolling for fish in seaweed infested waters. This tool is designed to make your fishing excursions smooth and free from any pesky light floating debris.

A Tool Designed to Make Trolling Easier

The Weedless Sword Is Able To Accomplish The Following:

  • Troll baits underneath the mats of floating seawood and have them come out crispy clean at the other end
  • Avoid scattered seaweed (anglers's worst nightmare) from your line and bait consistently
  • Keeps baits fully submerged without the need of cigar weights when trolling for Wahoo
  • Gives a natural presentation to live bait, making it a big advantage in sailfishing
  • Sensational for speed trolling Wahoo
  • And More! 

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"The Down Rigger That Also Serves as an Under Water Out Rigger!"

Use the Weedless Sword to catch the following fish:

Dolphin (Mahi) • Wahoo • Sailfish • Grouper • Mackerel(s) • Swordfish • King Fish • Blue Marlin • Tuna
and many other Salt Water As Well Fresh Water Fish


Developed By Fishermen, for Fishermen

Trolling becomes a messy experience due to floating debris. The Weedless Sword not only avoids debris at the edge of the weedlines, it also puts your lines and baits directly beneath the mats of seaweed without any tie-ups. This is a feat that has never been accomplished before. It will naturally hold your line and bait 4 to 5 feet below the water's surface without the aid of weights. It even works while trolling for Wahoo at speeds of 20 miles per hour through seaweed-infested waters. This device also works perfectly in bays, inshore shallows, lakes, rivers, and any other body of water with floating debris that may become tangled onto your bait and line.

The Weedless Sword has been trolling and straight line fishing in the water's off Miami and the Florida Keys for Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, and other species without any issues. We have videos and literature available to make you better understand how our innovative fishing gear works.

Stop fishing for weeds and start catching fish with the weedless sword!

An innovative downrigger that dips fishing lines and baits beneath floating Seaweed, keeping them crispy clean while targeting the fish of your dreams.

The weedless sword is certified by the (IGFA) for world records and approved by the Blue Marlin Tournament commissions.

At International Game Fish Association (IGFA) Lobby

Man Holding a Fishing Rod

Where It All Started:
Birth Place of the Weedless Sword

Where It All Started

First Prototype Ever of the Weedless Sword
Circa April 2007

First Concept

Weedless Sword Photos